ITG has extensive experience using proven techniques to develop outstanding outcomes to alter and create more successful organizations.  We typically look at the following areas of improvement for our clients:

·         Manpower Requirements and Human Capital Analysis: Assess organizational effectiveness and determine manpower requirements.  Evaluate deployed human capital resources as well as human capital replenishment strategies. Over the course of ITG’s corporate history, we have executed over 40 organizational studies of varying size and complexity for clients across the federal government. Our management engineering training, methodology, and tools are a drawn from best practices within government and industry.   ITG has assisted Federal Agencies in identifying their human capital process gaps and opportunities and identifying strategic initiatives designed to drive successful outcomes.

J-Accomplish™ is ITG’s online suite of software tools that automates ITG’s data gathering methodology and allows for efficient collection and analysis of workload data. J-Accomplish can facilitate data collection, measurement and analysis to yield robust, scientific manpower requirements.

·         Financial Analysis: Manage budgets, perform revenue cycle management consulting services, and the planning, execution and tracking of funds.  Our staff and expert consultants include: CPA’s, MBA’s, Accountants, Financial Managers, Acquisition Specialists, Budget Analyst, Program Managers, Program Analysts, Former Senior Military Personnel, Former CFO’s, Controller’s, IT Personnel, and Software Developers.