staff augITG Sourcing helps our clients save time and money by scaling our client’s staff to meet changing market demands. Our low-risk staffing solutions provide an efficient and effective way to tackle initiatives and move complicated projects. Our reputable and proven methods give our clients the confidence they need to move quickly and achieve measurable results.

ITG Sourcing can help you:

• Find top-notch, qualified contract employees with the appropriate skills and experience
• Help you grow and stay on target throughout the year/multiple projects
• Supplement staff effortlessly and economically when demand slows

Our service offering is scalable from ongoing major programs to discrete, non-major projects. We tailor our service offering based on factors such as scope, size, and domain. For example, ITG has provided DAU with staff augmentation ranging from Acquisition Instructors, to Budget Analysts, to Executive Assistants, to Scheduling Analysts over the last 8 years, and had nearly 100 staff members on-site at one stage. To date, ITG has responded to over 430 Task Order Proposal Approval Forms (PAF); 98% of these Task Order PAFs have been filled within 10 business days. Our ability to respond swiftly is based on our understanding of the nature of our customer’s mission and the turnaround time required to support it.