James A. Tillman, Jr. Bio

After a very successful career and strong contribution to the growth and longevity of ITG, Mr. James “JT” Tillman has retired from the day-to-day operations and joined ITG’s Advisory Board. In this role, JT will continue to provide strategic oversight and consultative services for large-scale Management Engineering studies. In addition, he instructs Management Engineering training courses and performs market analyses to promote automated study practices.

His more than 30 years of Management Engineering experience includes working as an industrial engineer intern for a major farm machinery manufacturer, performing Management and Efficiency studies at Headquarters Army Materiel Command and performing training, consulting and research in Management Engineering, Work Methods and Standards, Efficiency Review, and Economic Analysis at the U.S. Army Management Engineering College. From there, Mr. Tillman went on to start his own company, NewTech Business Solutions, Inc., in which he reengineered and commercialized the System Process Assessment Reengineering and Redesign Comparison (SPARRC™) methodology and Functionally Enhanced Man-hours and Workload (FENYX™) software the fore runner and primary component of J-Accomplish™ as well as developed a ten course Competitive Sourcing Curriculum. NewTech merged with ITG in 1998.
Mr. Tillman has near encyclopedic knowledge of Management Engineering, particularly in relation to Competitive Sourcing via OMB’s Circular A-76. At ITG, he contributed to the ongoing enhancement of J-Accomplish, ITG’s web based suite of tools, and our methodology for developing human capital solutions and conducting consulting projects. He has provided consulting services to Federal agencies and private industry companies since 1982, with a focus on right size staffing and process improvement.
Mr. Tillman holds a Master of Science (MSc) Degree in Management from the Florida Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Engineering Management with a Mechanical Engineering emphasis from the University of Missouri-Science and Technology.